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We accelerate and invest in startups

From hand-holding to co-founding startups together to creating accelerator programmes - we accelerated and invested in startups of various stages to support their growth.

For every startup we worked with, we helped to integrate positive impact into the business model so that with every sale - the startup scales their impact on people and planet as well.

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Key Milestones







Case study: Earthbanc

Country: Sweden


Earthbanc is the world’s first data-driven carbon and investment platform tackling climate change. It leverages machine learning and satellite remote sensing to continuously audit and rate landscape carbon, carbon offsets and the green finance products that support carbon removal. During Rockit Impact Accelerator, Earthbanc worked together with Swedbank Lithuania in a pilot project to enable businesses to track their carbon footprint. The initial aim was to take business customers account data and use it to calculate carbon reduction. Earthbanc delivered not only the footprint report, but also personalized insights on carbon reduction, market averages and cost-saving tips for Swedbank's business customers. The pilot project helped Swedbank understand the emerging carbon market and green finance, while Earthbanc received valuable feedback in perfecting their product. As a result of their strong commitment towards Triple Top Line, Katalista Ventures participated in the startup's pre-seed funding round of $1.5M.



46.5% women employed

6654 community benefitted



16.35M tCO2e - emissions reductions over the lifetime of
8 carbon projects

Provided habitat for 14,151 species



1519 jobs created in
7 countries

Tom Duncan, CEO

 “We really enjoyed the Rockit Impact Accelerator program that we went through with Swedbank, that was just an amazing experience and it was a big part of the journey to get us where we are today. So, we are very thankful for that opportunity and are big fans of the impact accelerator program.”


Case study: Poklet

Country: Lithuania


Poklet, inspired by the overlooked importance of financial literacy in traditional education, was created by parents to make learning about money enjoyable and easy. The app empowers children with essential financial skills for a lifetime of success. With 6,000 families currently using the Poklet app, it has become a valuable tool in family finances. The app incorporates FinTech and EdTech to secure transactions, connect to payment cards, provide money-earning ideas, and offer lessons on saving, investing, and responsible spending. Future developments include AI-driven financial education tailored to each child's needs and partnerships with financial institutions to offer Poklet accounts and debit cards, aiming to make financial education more accessible and affordable for kids and families.



Poklet empowers children with essential financial skills like budgeting, saving, and investing, enabling informed decisions and financial independence.



Poklet educates kids on responsible spending, reducing consumption, and teaching smart choices, contributing to a sustainable future.



Poklet aims for a financially sustainable and accessible platform for all children, fostering economic stability through kids' financial education.

Tomas Mendelsonas, CEO

“We believe that educating kids about finance can also positively impact the economy. When kids learn about money management and investing, they are morelikely to make sound financial decisions as adults. This can lead to a more stable and prosperous economy.”

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