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Triple Top Line Assessment

The Triple Top Line Assessment is a tool that helps businesses to get started in understanding their  impact on People, Planet, and Profit.


What is
Triple Top Line?

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Triple Top Line is an innovative approach that helps businesses to understand and manage their positive impact, not only minimize the negative one. It guides companies to implement sustainability practices in a strategic way and align them with their mission, values, and business objectives, unlocking significant opportunities to become more profitable and resilient in the long term.


Your company culture, values, relationships with your employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders.


The impact of your business activities on the planet and your efforts to solve environmental challenges.  


Your company's business model, financial roadmap, business leadership and potential to scale.

The Triple Top Line business model relies on the assumption that neither element is to be treated as separate. The most resilient companies manage to integrate all three elements of the Triple Top Line - People, Planet, and Profit - into their business goals. In this way, they are more competitive in their market, lead sustainable transformation in their industry, and create a positive impact on communities. Moreover, they are able to tap into the opportunities provided by the interdependencies between the three elements, such as identifying ways to be more resource- and cost-efficient, retain more talent, and innovate with sustainability.

Triple Top Line Assessment is a tool that helps businesses evaluate their impact on People, Planet, and Profit

Why should you incorporate the Triple Top Line into your business?

Become more resilient and profitable

Be prepared to tackle  new business opportunities, as well as   market uncertainty.

Build trust among your customers

Engage your customers by showing commitment to sustainable business practices.

Strengthen the internal company culture

Empower your employees to carry out your mission with a value-based approach.

How to get started?

We developed the Triple Top Line Assessment to help you understand the impact your startup has on People, Planet, and Profit, discover your strengths and find areas for improvement.

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Curious how to make your business Triple Top Line?

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