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Our Values


We measure our impact through the lens of our values, instead of box-cut KPIs. This allows us to innovate and be open to opportunities that align with our philosophy. Values are also an important decision-making tool for deciding which startups to work with and which projects to take on. We hold quarterly value follow-ups to reflect and connect as a team, as well as plan for the future.


You do not need to know everything, but you need to have a passion and curiosity for learning new things and discovering new challenges

to overcome.


We admire organisations that can adapt to our fast-paced world and proactively engage with disruptive technologies and leading-edge concepts.

Triple Top Line

Minimizing negative impact is not enough. We are looking for Triple Top Line teams excited to create a positive impact

on the world.


What the value follow-ups mean to us:

Our Triple Top Line Philosophy

We accelerate and invest in startups having a positive impact on the Triple Top Line (TTL) – People, Planet and Profit.
The TTL term was coined by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, an architect and a chemist. They used it to describe product design that was human-centric, mindful of the planet and profitable at the same time.

We use it as a business approach and ask our startups to think about those principles. The main idea is that the business should not just aim to minimise its negative impact on people and the planet, but to create a positive impact with every sale. It’s about building a model that is sustainable no matter how much you scale it; as opposed to growing a company and then mitigating any harm it causes afterwards.

TTL startups are more resilient, adaptable in the face of uncertainty, and financially sustainable in the long term.
This gives them a competitive edge over other startups and makes them a more attractive investment prospect for impact investors, who are interested in seeing impact, but also a clear path to profitability.



Your company culture, values, and relationships with your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.



The impact of your business activities on the planet and your efforts to solve environmental challenges.



Your company's business model, financial roadmap, business leadership, and potential to scale.

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