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In this report we analysed the Lithuanian startup ecosystem and how the solutions of Lithuanian startups address the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We hope this will encourage more Lithuanian entrepreneurs to join the sustainability movement, and be a step towards representing Lithuania as a global player in the sustainable development arena.

Social and environmental issues worldwide create challenges and opportunities for global sustainable development that are greater than ever before. As a result, the debate over the financial viability of sustainability has now been replaced by the challenge of finding the most

effective way to innovate in order to maximise the value of meeting sustainability demands.

It is often emphasised that entrepreneurs have the power to use innovative business solutions to solve sustainability related challenges, and many examples of such entrepreneurs can be found in Lithuania. However, many startups do not talk about their sustainable impact in their communication, which means they both undervalue their work, and miss out on strategic opportunities for their business.

Download the report now to get an overview of sustainable Lithuanian startups from industries such as education, energy, healthcare, transportation, and more, as well as key metrics for measuring sustainability in startups.


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Lithuanian Startup Sustainability Map 2018

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