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At Katalista Ventures, we help companies understand and track their sustainability processes and evaluate their impact on People, Planet and Profit. Using well-recognised frameworks, such as ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals, we measured ROCKIT as a hub, as well as the 40 community members - fintech startups, ecosystem builders, and supporters. We also formulated the key impact metrics and recommendations for each of the startups to support them in their Triple Top Line journey.

“We, Katalista Ventures, as a Triple Top Line accelerator, see ROCKIT hub as an important Fintech and sustainable innovation ecosystem player, which connects startups and corporates to achieve maximum positive impact. Hence, ROCKIT hub can demonstrate an example that makes us feel happy to be a provider of this sustainability evaluation. We believe that this will be an example not only for Fintech startups, but also for startups from various other industries, hubs, coworking spaces, and for the entire startup ecosystem.” - says Greta Monstavičė, CEO and Co-founder at Katalista Ventures.

Download the report now and learn more about:

  • How the impact on Environmental, Social and Governance areas of the Fintech and Sustainable Innovation hub were evaluated

  • What kind of Sustainable Development Goals corresponded by fintech, ecosystem builders, and ecosystem facilitator startups of the ROCKIT community



Rockit impact report _From why to how
Download PDF • 16.27MB


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Rockit Impact Report

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