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For the second year in a row, SB Insight AB, an insight agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, published the Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C, covering market insights on brand sustainability in Lithuania.

The Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C is a brand study on sustainability within the business-to-consumer market in Lithuania. The study is based on research among Lithuanian consumers and shows how brands are perceived in the areas of environmental and social responsibility. The Sustainable Brand Index™ was launched in Lithuania for the first time in 2020, together with Latvia and Estonia. Download the official report to discover this year’s brand ranking and key sustainability insights into industries, consumers, and brands.

- Discover the complete ranking of the Sustainable Brand Index™ 2021 in Lithuania, covering 50 brands across 8 industries

- Learn how brands are perceived on sustainability according to consumers

- Find out more about how the global COVID-19 pandemic has influenced brand perception with regards to sustainability



LT Sustainable Brand Index 2021
Download • 21.26MB


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Lithuania - Sustainable Brand Index™ 2021

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