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Vilnius, Lithuania, June 8, 2021 –

The Lithuanian Startup Tribe, a newly launched startup community initiative, aims to connect startup founders and experienced entrepreneurs to share knowledge and resources and find new ways to collaborate and empower the startup ecosystem in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Startup Tribe was initiated by Ada Jonušė, CEO & Co-founder at Lympo, and Alex Gibb, portfolio entrepreneur and startup advisor, together with the team at Katalista Ventures, the first Baltic Triple Top Line accelerator, and sustainability advisory.

“In Lithuania, we have great companies, the first official unicorn and more to come, and Lithuanians who have been all around the world with great experience and knowledge to share. The purpose of the Lithuanian Startup Tribe is to create a space to exchange knowledge and resources, to support each other and to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.”, said Ada Jonušė.

The Tribe welcomes startups in Lithuania, startups founded by Lithuanians in or outside the country, startups with Lithuanians in leading roles, and any entrepreneurs who have Lithuanian roots or are just excited about this country and its startup vibe.

By joining the Tribe, entrepreneurs can participate in events, connect and find partners for their projects, exchange knowledge and ideas with others while fostering the culture of sharing and caring.

“The timing for creating the Lithuanian Startup Tribe is just right. We see a lot of VCs being interested in getting involved in the region, as well as people traveling more and seeing best practices from other ecosystems that want to create something similar in Lithuania. It is time to connect different players of the ecosystem, especially for new entrepreneurs who seek to have a positive impact as well as build great businesses.”, added Alex Gibb.

The first initiative of the project is a mentorship and knowledge-sharing program for entrepreneurs seeking advice to build and scale their startups from industry professionals and experienced founders.

Selected mentees will have the opportunity to ask for advice from Lithuania’s top entrepreneurs such as Rytis Lauris, Co-founder & CEO at Omnisend, Dalia Lašaitė, Co-founder & CEO at CGTrader, Simona Andrijauskaitė, Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing at Interactio, Aurimas Mažylis, CEO at Emoti Group, and many more. The program also includes mentors based in Berlin, Germany, to tap into the knowledge base of globally leading businesses such as H&M or Mindspace.

The program will admit new mentees on a rolling basis via an application on the website and will be running until September 2021. The mentorship program is powered by Qoorio, co-founded by Justas Janauskas, who previously started the first Lithuanian unicorn Vinted. Mentees will be able to access mentors through the Qoorio app for a symbolic fee of 5 EUR, and the proceedings will be donated to UNICEF Lithuania.

Read more about the Lithuanian Startup Tribe and the upcoming mentorship and knowledge sharing program here:

About Lithuanian Startup Tribe

The Lithuanian Startup Tribe is a voluntary community initiative, gathering nice people in a curated, non-hierarchical, inclusive space to strengthen the Lithuanian startup ecosystem. Tribe works with like-minded partners to organize voluntary activities based on the culture of sharing.


Ada Jonuse

Co-founder and CEO of Lympo



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Lithuanian Startup Tribe: A New Startup Community Supporting Entrepreneurs

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