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6 years of impact

From the very first days of Katalista Ventures, we wanted to make sustainability practical. Instead of focusing on nice stories, we put our minds to creating Triple Top Line business models, changing strategies and supporting sustainable innovation. While leading ourselves with values, we took on actions that brought very tangible results with positive impact on People, Planet and Profit. I hope this impact report shines some light on our 6-year journey and inspires to join us in action!

Greta Monstavičė
CEO & Co-Founder

Doing more business-as-usual was not an option. We're not taking care of our people and planet while making profits. We founded KV with its Triple Top Line philosophy as the antidote to this. Six years later it's hugely rewarding to have shared so many exciting journeys together, with startup founders, ecosystem stakeholders and many many more. What a thrilling ride with a positive tangible impact, here's to many more years all together!

Alex Gibb
Co-Founder & Partner


We're on a mission to make the Triple Top Line the
standard way of doing business.

We believe that businesses can be financially successful, grow and scale while having a positive impact on people and the planet. Whether you are a startup looking to accelerate your impact, a company wanting to innovate with sustainability, an investor searching for high-quality startups to invest in, or you simply want to explore great things we could do together, drop us a message:

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